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Double Sided PCB

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Double Sided PCB

Double-Sided PCB are a step above single sided in their complexity. Double Sided PCB require plated through holes to provide better anchoring for soldered components and front to back electrical continuity.
Most designs require solder mask front and back along with a silkscreen layer for component designators. Very often double sided designs utilize mixed technologies of through hole (PTH) and surface mount (SMT).
Double Sided PCB circuits were the gateway to higher technology applications. The advent of the plated thru hole was quickly adapted and allowed electronic designs to expand in capability and shrink in physical size.
Today the double sided printed circuit board technology remains the workhorse of the assembly industry. There are near limitless applications for old and new designs.

Fine line surface mount, ultra high copper build, high and low temperature, Solder coated, Silver, and Gold finishes are just a few examples of DSPT applications.
Diya Electronics produces prototype, midrange volume Single Sided circuit boards, with a different copper thickness. High Operating temperatures range. Single sided boards are available with surface finishes including both leaded and lead-free Hot Air Solder Level (HASL).

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